11 February 2007

*Book Title Suggestions for the Gordon Klingenschmitt Story*

"Rosa Parks, Ghandi and Me: Gordon Klingenschmitt Explores the Virtue of Civil Disobedience"

"Interpreting Naval Instructions: The Hermeneutics of Making them Say What You Believe they Should Say"

"Any Publicity is Good Publicity: Gordon Klingenschmitt Shares Secrets of How to Get the Press to Notice You for All the Wrong Reasons"

"How I Fell On My Sword for Jesus...And Missed! The Gordon Klingenschmitt Story"

"A Bridge Too Many: How A Former Navy Chaplain Burned Every Bridge Imaginable"

"The Silence of the Chaps: A Scriptural Guide to Testifying in Your Own Defense"

"Yes, they are out to Get You: The Story of Gordon Klingenschmitt"

"Maximized Stupidity--Gordon Klingenschmitt Gives His Tips on the Modern Day Messianic/Martyrdom Complex and How You Can Make It Work For You"

"And God Said: "Shut Up Gordon!": A Former Chaplain Explains His Defense at Court-Martial"

"Office Espionage: How to Keep Track of Everything You Boss and Co-Workers Say; More Uses For Hi-Tech Recording Gear"

"Homeless, Jobless and Clueless: the Gordon Klingenschmitt Story."

"I Said It. Fundamentalists Believe It. That Settles It!" Gordon Klingenschmitt Explains Truth as He Understands It

"The Art of Self Promotion: A Former Chaplain's Inside Secret Guide to Getting Noticed"

"Hooked On Arrogance, It Worked For Me! The Gordon Klingenschmitt Story"

"Be Your Own Publicist: A Former Navy Chaplain Shows You How"

"Gordon Klingenschmitt's White House Diet: 14 Days to a Slimmer
Waistline and Slimmer Reputation"

"Life's Tough: It's Tougher if You're Klingenschmitt"

"Stupidiciary Atonement: Falling on Your Sword for No Good Reason to
Benefit Others"

"The Difference Maker: Making Your Attitude Your Greatest Liability"

"10 Things I Hate About Lou: Gordon Klingenschmitt Lists His Top Complaints Against the Former Chief of Navy Chaplains"

"Secretary Rumsfeld Lied To Me and Other Abuses of the Executive Branch; A Former Chaplain Shares His Views of The Bush Administration"

"The Expert's Guide to Self-Isolation and Irrelevance -- The Gordon Klingenschmitt Story"

"25 Ways to Lose With People: How to Make Others Feel Like Crap and Hate Your Guts"

"6 Attitudes of Whiners: Essential Attitudes for Pissing Everybody Off"

"Boomerang: When It All Comes Back On You: A Former Chaplain Speaks Out"

"Chaps: The Authorized Pseudo Biography of a Real American Hero"

"A Guide To Conducting Non Pluralistic Memorial Services in a Pluralistic Setting"

"The Battle of Anzio: My Epic Struggle Against the Powers of Darkness"

"How to Be a Minister in a Protestant Denomination and Still Remain a Valid Roman Catholic Lay Leader: A Former Chaplain Shares His Secrets"

"How to Use the Book of Common Prayer to Conduct an Altar Call: Adapting Ancient Liturgies to Suit Your Needs"

"So that Others Might Pray in Jesus Name: A Chaplain's Sacrifice"

"Strategies for Changing Chaplaincy Endorsements: A Guide to Making this Work for You"

"A Parsing Guide to the UCMJ"

"Shipwreck, The Gordon Klingenschmitt Story -- A Modern Day Story of
Presumption, Hubris, & Insolence"

"How To Persuade the World Through Giving It All Up For Nothing"

"The Gordon 'Chaps' Klingenschmitt Story: How My CMEO Failed Me."

"Norfolk 2007--GJK Sings The CMEO Blues"


Norfolk Chaps said...

Keep it up. I think I could probably add a few more myself.

Great Lakes Chaplain said...

I saw your other blog. This one is absolutely priceless. After all this time, it is good to know that I am not alone in my disgust for this horrible excuse for an officer and chaplain. It is good to be a part of the silent majority of Navy chaplains who are absolutely embarrased by Klingenschmitt.

NavyChaps said...

Norfolk, Great Lakes,

You are welcome here at any time. If you have any good possible book titles, just place them in a comment. I will post them on the blog.

I am amazed at the ground-swell of negative feelings that Klingenschmitt has generated in the Chaplain Corps. Many of the other chaplains with whom I have spoken simply can't believe how dishonest he has been in presenting his story. He was never court martialed for praying. He was court martialed for being an idiot who attended a political protest against the Navy in his Navy uniform! How can anyone be that stupid.

His messianic claims of purchasing our freedom as chaplains to pray in Jesus' Name is beyond belief. I finally got fed up with being silent. Hope to hear from you soon.

San Dog Sailor said...

Wow! Amazing! I didn't think that officers could be this much fun. I can't wait to read what else you have written.

Anonymous said...

Obviously, I don't know who you are or if you are actually a chaplain as you claim. But if you are indeed a minister of the Gospel, I find it ironic how hateful your blog is.

Navy Priest in Iraq said...


It is obvious that you have never belonged to a combat unit, otherwise, you would have recognized that true warriors speak very bluntly and call things the way the are. Just because Gordon Klingenschmitt is a hateful person, does not make those who recognize that obvious fact hateful. Calling Adolf Hitler an evil man is simply recognizing the truth about the man. It does not make the observer evil. Pointing out Gordon Klingenschmitt's public lies in public is valid because Gordon persists in doing it despite his having been proven wrong time and time again.

The issue with Gordon Klingenschmitt is that he failed our nation in a time of war. He should be ministering to God's people in Iraq today, but he can't because of his criminal acts. There is nothing hateful in that statement whatsoever, it is calling it what it is. How is it that a few thousand Army, Navy, and Air Force chaplains can manage to not get court martialed and thrown out of the service, but Gordon couldn't? Could it be that Gordon did something wrong? I know that is the case.

How is it that I, along with hundreds of other chaplains, routinely pray in Jesus' Name in uniform in public without any complaints at all, yet Gordon can't seem to do it. Could it be that Gordon is lying about his experience in the Navy? I know it is. Gordon has tried to call me and every other chaplain in the Navy who prays in Jesus' Name a liar because we didn't get court martialed. We didn't get court martialed because we didn't protest against the Navy in our Navy uniforms like Gordon did. That, by the way, is a federal crime. Gordon is a criminal because he committed a crime not because he prayed while committing the crime!

I have been shot at for my country while ministering to Marines, Sailors, and Soldiers in Iraq. Gordon stayed home and lied about why. I have had rocket attacks come close to where I slept at night. Gordon invented stories about why he could no longer serve in uniform. Simply put, Gordon Klingenschmitt is not an honorable man. I would rather die with my honor than live the life of lies and deceit that Gordon Klingenschmitt now lives.

San Dog Sailor said...

Navy Priest,

Well said. I like the way you put it. Klingenschmitt is so dishonest, it was just a matter of time before he got caught doing something wrong. This kind of dishonesty didn't just appear in him overnight.

Big Red 1 Ch said...

This stuff is great! I agree wholeheartedly. Navy, you have the Army's full sympathies in having to have dealt with such an unprincipled, self-promoter such as this Klingenschmitt character. Thankfully, he is fading into the junk heap of officer-failures and clergy-gone-bad. He was definitely the last thing that we chaplains and the American Officer Corps needed. I guess he proves the point that every so often, a bad apple does make it through. It is unfortunate that Klingenschmitt brought more rottenness to the Navy than just one apple alone can bring. He could spoil an entire orchard single-handedly!

USAF Chaplain said...

It is such a shame that Klingenschmitt is continuing on in his questionable activities even though he has be completely humiliated by his own misconduct. There was a day when officers would have hidden for years because of the sheer shame of being convicted at a court martial. This idiot parades around like being a federal convict and failed officer is some sort of a badge of honor. Klingenschmitt, it is a badge of dishonor! You have dishonored the my Alma Mater, the Air Force Academy, and have dishonored both the Air Force and the Navy. SHAME ON YOU!

CDR L said...

These are great! You have definitely described how ridiculous Klingenschmitt really is.

Anonymous said...

Navy Chaps & Navy Priest,

Thank you for serving our nation. Navy Priest, I love how eloquently you put it when you point out that GJK can no longer serve our nation in a time of war because he committed criminal acts. I, too, have been shot at for my country. GJK stayed home while others went and did his fighting and/or ministering for him. GJK stayed home and pretended to be a hero because he made shipwreck of his life, ministry, and career as a commissioned officer. He rates no sympathies from me because he has only suffered self-inflicted wounds. Is GJK's self-implosion no different than a soldier or Marine shooting himself in the foot to avoid dangerous service? Personally, I see virtually no difference. Perhaps, GJK did not intend to avoid serving in a Marine ground combat unit in Iraq, but the end state is the same. GJK's whole problem is that his eyes are too focused on himself and not on our soldiers, Sailors, airmen, and Marines who are in need of the Gospel during a shooting war. I don't believe his claims of persecution in the least. I have known a number of Navy chaplains serving with Marines who prayed in Jesus' Name, yet they were never relieved of duty as GJK claims. I have talked to a number of current chaplains. They all tell me that GJK's story is ONE BIG LIE. They tell me that they all pray in Jesus' Name in public, in uniform, with no negative results whatsoever. So why is GJK such a special case? I guess it is because he is a legend in his own mind.

West Coast Navy Chaplain said...

As an active, serving chaplain, I can wholeheartedly tell you that Gordon Klingenschmitt's claims are ABSOLUTE LIES! I just did a memorial service for a Marine who recently died. Not only did I pray in Jesus' Name, I also read John 14:6 where Jesus said that He was the Way, the Truth, and the Life; that no one comes to the Father without Him. If one would believe Klingenschmitt's rhetoric, then I should be in the Brig awaiting charges for being so Christian in my active service. WRONG! Everyone, Christian and non Christian thanked me for conducting a memorial service that honored our fallen brother Marine. That is the real world that we Navy chaplains live in. Gordon Klingenschmitt lives in a parallel universe that only exists in a poorly made, low budget science fiction movie.

Anonymous said...

I am so glad that your blogs rank up near the top on on google & yahoo searches for GK. Thank you for being the voice of reason, with a little bit of humor.

Cher said...

Great work.

Commander Stephanus said...

Maybe you ought to have one entitled "Politics 101 Position Yourself to the Right of Everyone: Gordon Klingenschmitt explains why he left the Republican Party"

Anonymous said...

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